Just Because You’re a Liberal Doesn’t Mean You’re Tolerant

I was raised liberal. In a sea of extended family members that touted conservatism and gun ownership, my mother and I remained the black sheep of our family - an anomaly. For most of my life I had some pretty standard liberal views, obviously climate change is a thing, pro-choice, pro-affirmative action, anti-dogmatic religion, pro-renewable… Continue reading Just Because You’re a Liberal Doesn’t Mean You’re Tolerant

Things I Learned This Week

I recently decided to invest my very little time into another fucking hobby, 'cause apparently I don't have enough. (Another thing to fill up my time to avoid the existential DREAD. AMIRITE?!) I legit don't even watch Netflix anymore. WHAT HAS BECOME OF ME. So now I spend most of my time spinning in circles… Continue reading Things I Learned This Week

Christmas is the Best … Usually.

For real though, Christmas is truly my favourite holiday. And I really can't get down with the give-me-xanax-cause-my-family-has-unresolved-issues-that-come-out-when-we-all-get-together-and-drink bullshit. (So don't even start with me, Linda.) It's a great time where everyone is happy (or forcing themselves to be) and everything is adorned with twinkly lights and magic is EVERYWHERE. If I could, I'd put… Continue reading Christmas is the Best … Usually.

Worst People Wednesday: Trump and His Trumpettes

Ladies and gentlemen. We have found ourselves at a unique and unprecedented time in our collective human history. Our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will look back at this monumental time and wonder  ... why the FUCK we let a racist, misogynistic, spray-tanned orangutan run for President of The United States. I'm not sure when American politics turned… Continue reading Worst People Wednesday: Trump and His Trumpettes