A Love Letter to My Body

Dear body; It's been a whole 26 years with you and my how the time flies. Your frontal cerebral cortex is fully developed, your feet exhibit the hardened callous of a fearless festival-er and earth walker, and your hands are starting to show the wrinkles of hard use - grasping, painting, washing, and embracing. Fear not, dear… Continue reading A Love Letter to My Body

Your Body is Not a Garbage Can

At a certain age, you start to feel mildly guilty about treating your body like a human trash can because all your douche-y friends are buying juicers and gym memberships. These people move upwards and onwards, getting married or being productive members of society; they astutely realize earlier than most, that white people* don't age well… Continue reading Your Body is Not a Garbage Can


I often bemoan the internet for being the harbinger of awful, terrible things. Which isn't false... as you know, but it has also bred really great movements, that bring people together. The body positivity movement is one of them. As you know, I have lots to say on how women should unite in a bra-burning-esque… Continue reading Love.