The Selfie: A Horrifying Adventure

Today someone asked me if I had a picture of myself. Given that I spend most of my time behind a camera, I was all, "oh probs, and if not -  I'm sure I can whip something up real quick like". Turns out, it's not at all 'quick like', and surprisingly challenging. Not just operating… Continue reading The Selfie: A Horrifying Adventure

On Being a Patient

By all accounts, I'm a pretty awkward person. That is until we break that metaphorical barrier when we go out together and I have one to many Alabama Slammers and lose all sense of personal space and volume control. But, under normal circumstances, I'm pretty strange. I like to fill the silence with awkward conversation… Continue reading On Being a Patient

Christmas is the Best … Usually.

For real though, Christmas is truly my favourite holiday. And I really can't get down with the give-me-xanax-cause-my-family-has-unresolved-issues-that-come-out-when-we-all-get-together-and-drink bullshit. (So don't even start with me, Linda.) It's a great time where everyone is happy (or forcing themselves to be) and everything is adorned with twinkly lights and magic is EVERYWHERE. If I could, I'd put… Continue reading Christmas is the Best … Usually.

One Time I Took a Tab of Acid and Turned Into the Most Primal Version of Myself

If I could go back in time and wag my very judge-y finger in my woefully, unprepared face, I would have. Unfortunately for me, I was just arrogant enough (and also the right amount of drunk) to think that I could handle the impending 18 hours that come alongside an entire tab of acid. Unfortunate,… Continue reading One Time I Took a Tab of Acid and Turned Into the Most Primal Version of Myself