On Being a Patient

By all accounts, I'm a pretty awkward person. That is until we break that metaphorical barrier when we go out together and I have one to many Alabama Slammers and lose all sense of personal space and volume control. But, under normal circumstances, I'm pretty strange. I like to fill the silence with awkward conversation… Continue reading On Being a Patient


I’m Not a Good Apocalypse Partner

A little while back we were having a fire "issue" here in Southern Alberta. (Map here if you failed geography class.) For the most part, my hubby and I didn't really have cause to worry as we weren't close to any of them and our friends and family weren't either. Except for one weekend, when… Continue reading I’m Not a Good Apocalypse Partner

I’m Cranky

When you're cranky you don't really want to write about anything 'cause you're waist deep in your doom and gloom attitude and everything that comes out of your fingertips seems to be inane drivel about nothing important. Or heavy, big topics that seem too overwhelming to broach. How am I supposed to tackle why Trump… Continue reading I’m Cranky

Christmas is the Best … Usually.

For real though, Christmas is truly my favourite holiday. And I really can't get down with the give-me-xanax-cause-my-family-has-unresolved-issues-that-come-out-when-we-all-get-together-and-drink bullshit. (So don't even start with me, Linda.) It's a great time where everyone is happy (or forcing themselves to be) and everything is adorned with twinkly lights and magic is EVERYWHERE. If I could, I'd put… Continue reading Christmas is the Best … Usually.