If I Were a Boy For a Day…

Let me be clear, I'm generally pretty stoked on my gender. And not in a, boobs are fun look I get to play with them whenever I want, kind of way. In a pretty genuine, sometimes overly conceited we are the better sex, kind of way. While I'm sometimes disheartened by representatives of my gender,… Continue reading If I Were a Boy For a Day…



I often bemoan the internet for being the harbinger of awful, terrible things. Which isn't false... as you know, but it has also bred really great movements, that bring people together. The body positivity movement is one of them. As you know, I have lots to say on how women should unite in a bra-burning-esque… Continue reading Love.


Is what I like to call being creatively blocked. (Which even THAT took me a full 20 minutes  and all my brain power to figure out despite it 100% being a double entendre... so she's here to stay folks) It's even worse than being cock-blocked. In whatever form it may come in. For me: Writers… Continue reading Cocked