In Defense of The Cup

Avert your eyes guys - I'm gonna talk about menstruation. What may seem like a scary thing to most men, is a monthly inconvenience that all of woman kind has to begrudgingly deal with. While I'd like to think that I could cultivate some kind of spiritual connection in that I'm shedding the future home… Continue reading In Defense of The Cup

Overwhelmingly, Annoyingly Happy

People of WordPress, it's been a little over a month since I started the diet that I was sure would kill me, slowly, from the inside out. What would I do without sugar I thought? What would I do without BREAD? Fuck I love bread. I'm here to give you an update. And the update… Continue reading Overwhelmingly, Annoyingly Happy

I’m Cranky

When you're cranky you don't really want to write about anything 'cause you're waist deep in your doom and gloom attitude and everything that comes out of your fingertips seems to be inane drivel about nothing important. Or heavy, big topics that seem too overwhelming to broach. How am I supposed to tackle why Trump… Continue reading I’m Cranky