Wake up. Please.

My teenage angst will never die. I’m sure of it. I can’t wait to have miniature version of myself so I can download all my complexes, joys and irritations on this small being that bears a copy of my DNA. With some alterations to it of course. That’s why you have kids right? To properly fuck them up in your own unique way? I thought so.

I’ve been complex-y about this gross system that we’re forced to be a part of for a long time. And I know I’m not alone. The thing that baffles me about modern society is that it seems to be near-impossible to get yourself out of the SYSTEM. If you didn’t know, the system is a complex web of rules and artificial paradigms that keep us enslaved into our culture. This includes things like government, our system of money and money lending, and religious or moral dogma to name a few. ‘Enslaved’ may sound dramatic but let me break it down. With the integration of a monetization system, where instead of trading goods and services, we trade a valueless dollar, we are now bound to this system. Everything we purchase, from food and experiences, to houses and vehicles, to things that may or may NOT EVER come on wish (what’s up with wish anyway?), is all done through this transaction of currency. Far gone are the days where we could just swap some berries for some wool. WHO’S GOT BERRIES FOR ME? THEY’RE 6 FUCKING DOLLARS FOR THE TINIEST AMOUNT. So clearly we need money, how do we acquire it? We descend into the system. We fool ourselves into believing that borrowing money to acquire a greater education and skill level will allow us to participate in a more qualified level of the work force, where we will be rewarded for our 5 years of exams, gallons of coffee and bullshit papers with a higher salary. Ok now we’re making more money, but we also owe more money. It’s a cycle that continually repeats itself. Don’t have an education? Sure you could climb up the invisible ladder in unique ways by showing promise or finding a real cool cat to take a chance on you, but more than likely you’ll end up in a never-ending cycle of poverty, where your entire pay check goes to pay for the use and consumption of WATER (among other things) which should be a HUMAN RIGHT. (I mean I get it, someone has to pay the water treatment guys I GUESS. BUT STILL) And you can’t get out of this shit cycle because you can’t actually live without god damn money. Where will you rent? How will you save? AM I RIGHT? Not only that, your value as a human (i.e., your credit rating) will determine what you are allowed and not allowed to purchase. Remember that one time you got a credit card and spent the entire limit on hookers and vacations to Cabo San Lucas that you now are making barely the minimum payment on? Now you can’t buy a house! EVER! SORRY NOT SORRY. This value extends into concepts of self as well. Why do you think we have a social stigma around people who are artists, philosophers and women studies majors? Because they don’t generate immediate and overwhelming wealth. So they’re bumped down the totem pole. Now, instead of having a rich culture filled with people who have varying things to offer from the creative to the mathematical, we marginalize those few and honour the business grads and med students.

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Article here

So here we are. A civilization of humans who think they’re evolved ’cause we’re so smart and so innovative – but the biggest part of the population works back-breaking labor for the benefit of the 1% raking in the luxuries of this system. (We are the 99%, you get it.) Lets be honest, we’re really not as evolved as we think. Stick any of us in nature and we’ll run screaming for the hills, where we’ll likely get eaten by a cougar. How do we forage again? I forgot since all my food comes conveniently in this little box that I trade paper for. The whole thing is mind-boggling. (Or am I late to the party and everyone has just accepted the weird reality that we live in?)

But Meagan, I’m just as angsty as you what the hell am I supposed to do about it?

Well I’m sure glad you asked, Karen. Is it possible for us to turn our entire social paradigm on its head over night because we all read an intriguing blog article and we’re pissed off? Probably not. Given that our attention span is abysmal and we really only get pissed off long enough to get a coffee, drink it, and then forget about it – I don’t have high hopes. But you could start small. You know all those friends of yours that are trying to make a living off of selling artisanal anal beads and home-made placenta pills? Buy that shit. You know those people who spend hours making a thing and then go to a market and you’re all like, “Why is this hat $35, Wal-Mart sells the same fuckin’ thing for $10,” and I come out of the forest and kick you in the face. Just kidding. Buy that hat too. It takes time and money for people to create things for you. Sorry we can’t all purchase resources at a wholesale level and then hire children to make them for us 15 hours a day at 10 cents an hour.

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Full article: here

So stop shopping at mega corporations, they’re literally ruining everything. (I literally will punch you if you ride me about using ‘literally’ incorrectly.) I don’t care if McDonalds has a really great incentive program where Sally from the ghetto can work her way up to being a franchise owner, the whole concept of is gross. How is it feasible that we let one entity – that doesn’t even exist by the way – own so much of our world. So much purchasing power, so much employment power. BAH! Remember: money talks people. The more you have the more sway you have. Further, don’t know where your food comes from? Find out! Buy from local farmers and animal producers. This keeps those people in business which puts money in their pockets, which puts money back into our local economy. Don’t like the system of money? (Me either, lets swap sea shells instead) at least use your dollar in a way that doesn’t make you feel physically ill. It’s called voting with your dollar. Put your money into things you care about. Friends, socially conscious organizations. Bring all that income back into your backyard, so that when the end of times comes – and it will – we all won’t be immediately fucked because we get our [insert resource] from fucking China. We could actually sustain ourselves. Which we’ve been fooled into thinking that we can’t do, but we can. We’re just god damn lazy.

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Full horrifying article on commodification of water: here

Here’s my suggestions: get up off your ass and learn how to grow a thing. Learn how to recycle your grey water at home. Buy things from local vendors. Support your friends that provide services, whatever that may be, eat home-grown food, buy less, up cycle, learn to fix things. When we don’t know how to fend for ourselves, it gives ALL the power to the people who control everything. That includes government, corporations, and major elites. There is a benefit to keeping us all enslaved – it makes us controllable. When we’re too busy power marathoning Netflix (I’m not judging I swear), consuming mass amount of potato chips and arguing on the internet over a picture of a cat, we’re not paying the fuck attention to what’s happening around us. Who controls our resources? Who controls our water? Who is financially motivated to make decisions on our behalf ’cause we’re too busy being checked the fuck out? Wake up. Because challenging times are coming and we’re not even remotely prepared. (Myself included.)

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