Leave Your Mark

It’s pretty easy to float along. I’ve been doing it for most of my life. Speaking for myself, I got to a point where I started thinking about what my mark on this world would be. After years of convincing myself that a ‘mark’ isn’t a worthy ‘mark’ unless you stop global warming, “dispose” of the current president or invent something innovative and absolutely mind-blowing. Now I know that even if you have an effect on another human being, you’ve already left a small ‘mark’ – just on someones heart-sicles. If you’re familiar with my bullshit, you know that I change my mind every week. This came from a deep aching place that I didn’t have something that I could pour my creative reservoirs into. I felt like I didn’t have something that I could say, “Look I did this! And it was hard but I did it anyway!”. I just, went to work and paid the bills and watched hours upon hours of Netflix. It’s a hollow feeling.

So I started small. By starting this blog it gave me an avenue to spout off my garbage in a safe place, even if absolutely no one was reading it. There was something about hitting that publish button that was gratifying on its own. Eventually my friends started reading the articles I’d share. Some serious, but all mostly about butts and farts, I started having friends come up to me in real life sharing with me that my writing made them audibly laugh – me? Making someone laugh? I was always a pretty good story-teller in real life, using people’s reactions to tell funny stories even if they were a little hyperbolic. But now the thing I loved to do – writing – was eliciting my favourite reaction from people – laughter – all of a sudden two loves became one. For two years I’ve written about all manner of things including guides on how to be a horrible person, what you can buy instead of an education, a letter to the families and friends of the Orlando shooting victims. It’s immensely rewarding and always fulfilling.

But I’m always in search of a story. Hopefully a good one. Eternally obsessed with documentaries – particularly the ones that give me overwhelming feels to the point where I have to re-arrange my life to support this particular cause – I endeavoured into different mediums of art. Photography and penciling/inking. Any avenue that I can tell a story.

I got to a point where I thought that I had too many hobbies, not having enough time to devote to one particular thing to become exceptionally good at above the rest. I’ve never worked that way. Even reading, I usually have more than one book going. Variety is the spice of life, I guess? I have had an overwhelming realization that what I’m here to do, is tell a story. Whether it’s my own re: getting into a fight in a grocery store parking lot ’cause some bitch was pushing up on me, or someone else’s re: DAPL and the Orlando shooting. I comfortably switch between the mundane, horrible and funny topics to the serious, heart-warming ones. As long as I’m telling a story.

So here’s my challenge to you. What’s your ‘mark’? When you bite the dust and leave this world behind, what will you leave behind? Family? A completely unpublished collection of obscure poetry that will only get posthumous fame? A list of people/clients/family members eternally grateful for the service/work/art that you do? What is that ‘thing’ that unequivocally fills up your heart and your mind every time you do it? Do that thing. That thing that gives you butterflies afterwards. That thing that you know brings smiles to others so that’s why you do it. That thing that breaks up the monotony of working till you fucking die and then rotting in the ground.

Do the thing. And then tell me about it. ‘Cause as you now know, I love a good story.

PS. If your ‘thing’ is murdering people, don’t do that thing. That’s a bad, bad thing.

PPS. If you’ve gotten this far, design me a business card that say’s Meagan: Storyteller

PPPS. That would be a great business card, amirite?

PPPPS. Thanks for getting this far, I’m horrible sometimes.

2 thoughts on “Leave Your Mark

  1. Well, although I have left a mark as an instructor and mentor—which is a lot, I decided I needed to up my game further after leaving my job a year ago. So, I am running for political office (State Representative). And while it feels terrifying and like I am consistently a day late and a dollar short, just by attempting it I have changed my life, which I think will also change what mark I leave.

    Keep writing! Storyteller is a great business card idea—-you could easily design one online through one of the numerous printing companies 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know I could – I just was putting it out there first to see if anything amazing came my way business card wise.

      Good for you though! It’s scary but exciting 🙂


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