Adventures in Being a Better Person

Being a better person? That's not your thing! Is probably what you're saying to yourself. But it's time. I mean, I'm just talking about my body here. I haven't even delved into emotional baggage or spiritual disconnectedness, but I DON'T WANT TO BORE YOU. I'm just getting to the age where I'm starting to be fully… Continue reading Adventures in Being a Better Person

TV Shows: The Dark List

My entire life, I haven't known how to like things moderately. I always intensely love things - often for a short period of time - or intensely hate things. My whole life is one giant lack of a middle ground. It's really quite exhausting. When it comes to very intense, TV dramas, I really truly… Continue reading TV Shows: The Dark List

I’m Cranky

When you're cranky you don't really want to write about anything 'cause you're waist deep in your doom and gloom attitude and everything that comes out of your fingertips seems to be inane drivel about nothing important. Or heavy, big topics that seem too overwhelming to broach. How am I supposed to tackle why Trump… Continue reading I’m Cranky