My Body. My Rules.

I was listening to a CBC story about how the Girl Guides have come out with a recommendation this holiday season to not force your girls to give hugs to friends or family when they don't want to. Which naturally, I'm ALL OVER. But the story itself, of course, had its critics. Claiming that an… Continue reading My Body. My Rules.

Things I Learned This Week

I recently decided to invest my very little time into another fucking hobby, 'cause apparently I don't have enough. (Another thing to fill up my time to avoid the existential DREAD. AMIRITE?!) I legit don't even watch Netflix anymore. WHAT HAS BECOME OF ME. So now I spend most of my time spinning in circles… Continue reading Things I Learned This Week

Christmas is the Best … Usually.

For real though, Christmas is truly my favourite holiday. And I really can't get down with the give-me-xanax-cause-my-family-has-unresolved-issues-that-come-out-when-we-all-get-together-and-drink bullshit. (So don't even start with me, Linda.) It's a great time where everyone is happy (or forcing themselves to be) and everything is adorned with twinkly lights and magic is EVERYWHERE. If I could, I'd put… Continue reading Christmas is the Best … Usually.