Regarding the Meaning of Life: A Reminder

I just wanted to remind you all – in case you had forgotten that the world doesn’t owe you anything, and more than likely is indifferent to your existence. (Probably not indifferent, probably a little irritated at your oil consuming, asshole attitude, but, another time) Fear not my loves, for there is no reason to despair. However a heartless bitch the world may present herself as, that doesn’t mean it is inherently without value. INCOMING! MEANING OF LIFE:

meaning of life

It is up to you, and only you, to cultivate value. (This theory was loosely inspired by someone else, but hey, all writing is re-writing AMIRITE?!) If value means to you, literally eating everything off the value menu in a sobbing fit of anger, you do you. If it means you quit your job, travel the world and live amongst wanderers and drifters who pass around syphilis like us Canadians pass around a joint, who am I to judge. Remember it isn’t up to anyone else to ascertain your joy and implement it for you. It’s all you. In the same stretch, it’s all you to hold yourself accountable for the accomplishment or failure of said joy. So this means: no, it is not your co-workers fault that you have chronic pain that you can’t seem to understand how to manage on your own. There is no reason to be angry with the guy in the drive through window because he forgot your straw, it’s not his fault that your dreams to be a member of platinum blonde failed.

*Caution: tangent* Do you see what’s great about this proclamation? It’s all on you. Which by extension, forces you to be kind or at the very least, indifferent to other people. Not an asshole. Do you need to read that last part again? NOT an asshole. Not being an asshole includes a great many things, including but not limited to: NOT judging people based on race, creed, religion or sexual orientation. Not socially ostracizing someone because they like to dress up as a furry animal not he weekend and attend conferences with fellow ‘furries’. Not driving over neighbourhood cats for the fun of it, NOT eating your coworkers lunch, NOT treating service staff like a piece of shit. You get it. It’s a pretty simple notion. Ask yourself: Would I be STOKED if someone did this to me? Or treated me this way? And the answer isn’t FUCK YEAH, then don’t do it/say it/post about it. Don’t be an asshole. assssshole

Back to my main point. Cultivate value that makes your soul feel yummy and leaves a smile on your face. Value is what enables you to get through the trenches, the drudgery, the monotony that sometimes is what we’ve come to know as, well, life. Value can come in the form of a great many things, but if it makes the sting of life, of your 9-5 or your night shift JUST a little bit more tolerable, consider yourself successful. Don’t know where to start? WELL LET ME JUST TELL YOU.

First things first: (you’re the realest). Appreciate yourself. You have capabilities, and talents. I promise. You probably aren’t fully aware of them because you’ve spent the past 10 years of your life bitching, drinking and working. Not a lot of time to find out what you’re stoked on. Finding out what you’re good at starts with DOING things that you haven’t done before. Take a class, find a youtube instructional video and built something out of tin foil, read, learn, walk through a museum or a park. Just get up, and go out. You’ll find the world is filled with people who are on the same conquest, and will likely be good road pals.

You may find a hobby, or something that you are surprised your good at. Go through passions like you go through underwear, until you find one that sticks. Your dream to conquer mount Everest finally over? So what! You’re learning about yourself, and you should never apologize for that.

On the flip side: Appreciate yourself enough to LEAVE that which is unhealthy, not useful and not serving your soul, your fire.

Secondly: We’ve gotten to a point in our collective society where we like to separate ourselves from each other. Wrong. Cultivate relationships with other people. And real relationships. Not the bullshit lets-talk-about-the-weather-get-me-the-fuck-outta-here type of relationships. This piece of advice comes with a caveat: You actually aren’t going to get along with everyone. Don’t force the connection with people that just isn’t there. Of the real shit you do have, appreciate the hell out of it, and extend an effort to make more. Kiss your friends on the lips! Squeeze them, love them, exchange books with them, value their talents, spend money on what they do for a living, support them and honour who they are. These moments of love and honesty you share with other people, is what makes life worth living. Cherish. That. Shit.


Hate it when that happens.

Lastly: Relax and appreciate. It is never as bad it seems. Someone, somewhere invariably has it worse. I know you’ve heard that expression since the dawn of time. Stupid, pre-packaged bullshit wisdom is awful. In this case however, it’s true. Let me shoot you an example: You’re sick and you can’t breathe out of your nostrils. You start to think: My god, think of ALL the times I had full functioning of my nostrils and I never FULLY appreciated that fact until right. Fucking. Now. Think of your life has a free and open nostril. Appreciate that shit. Appreciate that you can walk, that you have people in your life who care about you. That you have a brain capable of learning and a heart capable of love. You are you, and it’s a great you! Even though our great and wonderful Gaia doesn’t have the time in-between starting hurricanes and flash floods to appreciate your knowledge of abstract art, someone does, and so do you. That, my good sir, is value.


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    This really is the best possible way for us to be the most informed and I’ll be following for my reality check and get a straight up posts. I want to be able to write it out keep it real is my theme that I am going with but I have been a long time with my own disabilities and their own way of making a good idea what it remains. To me your a rock star!

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