On Pokemon Go: Briefly


The new release of Pokemon Go has all the hearts and britches of angsty 90’s kids-now-grown-adults in a tizzy. The game above all games is not only back, but now we get to walk around and literally catch them! … With our phones. Technology is neat. Admittedly I was never into Pokemon, even at the height of it’s phenomenon, I was more of a Mario type of gal, and even that was a stretch. So when it first came out as an option, I didn’t think much of it, even my boyfriend didn’t seem phased. However, friends of friends managed to convince mi eposo to download the game and give ‘er a whirl, and thats how I managed to find myself walking around downtown looking for the ever elusive Pokemon.

Picture this: A dystopian-like place. Where humans have over run the earth (as if we haven’t already), resources are scarce, technology is in high supply. Humans have downloaded their souls into apps, and they line up assembly-line style to get everything they need. Now, picture that happening right now. We’re in a park, just outside of the city. There are people everywhere! I thought, how great is this, everyone is out, enjoying nature. No. Everyone is out, with their face in their phones, walking at half the normal walking speed, in the same loop looking for… I’m not sure? A certain Pokemon? Motivation? Who knows. All I could picture was one big assembly line. All forms of communication happen through our phone, even when we’re right next to each other. (Boyfriend pointed out that this is happening now) No one is looking at the sky! You’re outside but your face is glued to a glowing screen! And I’m just standing there… observing.  It’s the oddest thing, I couldn’t look away. I’m sure I could stand in front of some of them with my tits out and more than half wouldn’t notice. They all look like zombies. Are their eyes sore? I try not to judge but it’s all very Big Brother type shit. Downloading your location into a central database? Eep!


But I also have all the mixed emotions! My partner and I went on a loop around our town. Thats where I discovered we had a community garden! (It was a Poke Stop). I also discovered that we have over three churches, a giant plane, and a big metal cowboy hat. Sweet I guess? Small fuckin’ town for ya. But, I noticed that a lot of people that are out walking around, are actually chatting with each other, and sharing information and assistance regarding the game to one another. When used correctly, you could probably learn some shit about the place you live, and you can see the other people playing too. Maybe you’ll even make friends? Who knows.

Either way… Make sure if you do play, look up at the sky one or two times, before you know it, it’ll be covered in smoke and the silhouettes of half burnt buildings.


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