I Went To a Trance-esque Festival and I Have So Many Questions


I recently went to a festival that was self-described as a “transformational festival”. That type of description leaves a lot to the imagination. Some would consider it to be a ‘psytrance’ kind of festival. Whilst packing up, my better half attempted to describe it to me as a place where there are “a lot of tails, dreadlocks and furry outfits.” A world away from the festival I had just gone to where it was more folksy, singer songwriter, organic eats, home made feather earrings kind of place. (Don’t worry, that was all here too.) I spent a lot of time just wandering around looking at all the pretty lights and the pretty people, who are often more colourful than the lights. Believe you me, I had an excellent time. I met some really cool people who talked to me like a sensei and I would definitely go back. However, I’m left with just like, a ton of questions about this festival and moreover this lifestyle.

  1. What’s with the tails? Have you seen them? They’re usually like a  foot long and can be found affixed to the backside of our hippie friends. While the majority of the ones I’ve seen are naturally coloured (your fox browns, and house cat whites), I’ve seen some that are purple and lime green. From what I gather there are different categories of what people call a ‘hippie’, which can be greatly determined by where you live and the company you keep. Some very shitty internet research has led me to understand that it seems to exist mostly in this sub-sect of people we call “new-age hippies” or even “psytrance hippies”… I can’t keep up. But my bigger question is, should I acquire one? If I do, will a universal truth be revealed to me? Are tail-wearing folks privy to some greater understanding of life, the universe and everything that their fellow tail-less people aren’t? I need to know. tails
  2. There’s no alcohol. Like, at all. We were beacons of ‘not-at-all-familiar-with-this-lifestyle’, what with our solitary beer can and our plaid shirts. All the people who attended were mind-blowingly respectful, quiet and kind. Save for the domestic a stones throw from my friends campsite, no one made a peep. So where is the good time and the endless energy coming from? Drugs? The sense of community? THE TAILS?! Is that what happens when you spend so much time cultivating presence and positivity, that good times just permanently flow out of you like a really good poop? WAT IS IT?
  3. Is this real life? Do they carry this lifestyle into their day-to-day lives? Or do they hang up the fur and the feathers when it’s time to roll back into the office? If they do carry it over, I’m super jealous. What do you do for a living that enables you to roll up to your job in your top hat that has LED’s in it? I want in on that job.
  4. How did you get into this life? There HAS to be a turning point, or some kind of awakening for anyone that has endeavoured into this type of life. I’m sure it’s continually evolving type of stuff, but I know for sure you didn’t come out of the womb rocking dreadlocks and vertical striped bell bottoms. Did someone hand you a deck of angel cards and you were like YAS? Or did it happen when you purchased the TAIL? (There is it again – I think the tail is the answer to life, not 42.) Did you drink some really powerful kombucha and your third eye just popped open? Did you drop enough acid/magic mushrooms and you are just, fully aware and the rest of us are living in a cloud of close-mindedness? Or am I making it entirely too complicated? (I probably am.) WHO KNOWS. 4733656e8c6f3674d1822a5aa3c23200
  5. Does it get annoying? Like, all the dreads, bangles, face piercings, masks, fuzzy calf covers, over-laying clothing, all the belts, the snaps, the batons that are lit on fire, the steam punk hats and goggles. It looks like an AWFUL lot of work to put all that on, and looks like even more work if you ever had to take a poop or lay down for a couple seconds. It’s super pretty to look at, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like you probably need an assistant to get it all on, no?

DO YOU RELATE TO ANY OF THE ABOVE? Contact me! We will have a not at all professional interview about all the inner workings of your lifestyle. 

7 thoughts on “I Went To a Trance-esque Festival and I Have So Many Questions

  1. This sounds super intersting….Oh, I wish I was there in person , with my green TAIL and furry outfit. Sounds like TAIL is key to some profound , greater knowledge and thank you for enlightenment.

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  2. I can say that if you are the LED hat wearing sort you can DEFINITELY find a job in theater. I’m a costumer and my fashion aesthetic is generally quite friendly with the line between fashion and costume……I do not however wear a tail. But I think I could get away with it if I wanted to.

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