Lady Dicks: A Spirit Animal

You all know Lady Dickson, right? If the answer to that question is no, you clearly live under a rock and haven’t left your dark underworld for quite some time. She is an insanely funny writer and makes my inner psychopath sing. Known for her post slamming an article that sounded like something out of the 50’s regarding how you ought and ought naught to be around men, she really revels in the do you gurrrllll and hear me roar movement. Which I’m very much a part/fan/celebrator of.

As a small break from my hostile commentary on the world, I’d like to express my deep love and affection for Ms. (AHEM MRS.) Carolyn DICKS, here’s several pictures indicating that we’re meant for each other. And by meant for each other, I mean start a travelling comedy show together and bomb every night.


We revelled in how we’re both huge pieces of shit.


We discussed her very strong motherly instincts 


And we celebrated over Leo’s oscar. 

Lady Dicks: I love your shit man.

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