Worst People Wednesday: Trump and His Trumpettes

Ladies and gentlemen. We have found ourselves at a unique and unprecedented time in our collective human history. Our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will look back at this monumental time and wonder  … why the FUCK we let a racist, misogynistic, spray-tanned orangutan run for President of The United States. I’m not sure when American politics turned into a full-blown episode of Saturday Night Live, but it’s happening, and it’s embarrassing. #Trump2016

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I’m sure you’re all enlightened and aware of the absolute theatrics of Trump’s daily on-goings, tweet ranting, and woman hating. If you’re not, please, enlighten yourself. From announcing how he would ban all Muslims from entering the United States, entirely, all the way to claiming that the Mexicans crossing the border into the United States are rapists and criminals. When the attack happened to a Black Lives Matter protestor at Trump campaign event, Trump sided with the crowd, claiming that the protestor “should have been roughed up”. He’s convinced that global warming is a hoax created by the Chinese and openly sides with the anti-vaxxer movement. (Just to name a few) He was a buffoon before he decided to inject himself into American Politics, and now that he’s a legitimate (cringe) candidate for the Presidency of one of the most powerful countries in the developed world, I cry a little on the inside every day. #makeamericagreatagain

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Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 11.16.55 AM

So – you can imagine my disdain and serious rage when I find out that someone I know, and quite possibly respected, claims to be a Trump supporter. I usually decide against getting into arguments with such people, as they’re usually pretty determined, and I don’t have the energy or argumentative skills to hold my ground without flipping a table over onto their heads. However, I’m genuinely confused as to where the rationale comes from for Trump supporters. Is it just because you want to watch a circus unfold? Or because you’re white, middle class, maybe a bit racist and very, very pissed off? Luckily for me, The Atlantic wrote an article after they talked to several Trump supporters about why they support him. I’m going to re-hash my top 3 favourite for you:

  1. Trump is the Lead in a Fabulous Mockumentary––“I’d vote for the candidate purely for the comedic value.”
  2. Trump is the Picture of American Greatness––“Think about John F. Kennedy or Ronald Reagan inspiring the world with leadership. Think of Babe Ruth, Martin Luther King Jr., Fred Rogers. The American 20th Century was a great one. Now think about the American headlines of today. What do you think of? War? Poverty? Political division? Do we see greatness in America still on a daily basis or even in the movies? The Trump Family is the picture of the American Dream … When Donald Trump says that he wants to make America great again, I believe him.
  3. Trump Embodies the Rage of the White Middle Class––“Politicians spend no time helping them. Black lives matter more and illegal immigrants who break the law get a free pass. Evangelicals in this country no longer feel they have the right to religious freedom and have watched what they perceive as a sacred institution in marriage gutted. All the while, politicians they voted for to represent them just plain don’t.”


The only good thing that will come out of this absolute depravity of a person, is that after he loses, is washed up and ego-impaled, someone will probably make a musical about it. (And he’ll probably insist on starring in it himself.)



11 thoughts on “Worst People Wednesday: Trump and His Trumpettes

  1. My 15 year old daughter and I were at the gym Tuesday night, side by side on stationary bicycles. I was watching a re-run of The Big Bang Theory – she was watching coverage from Iowa (she’s a much better adult than I am). She turned to me, with jaw dropped (literally) and said “OH. MY. GOD. That man is an idiot.”

    I may be a foul mouthed peter-pan gone wild example of a suburban soccer mom, but I think I’m (we’re) doing SOMETHING right.

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