Stock Photos: You’re Doing It Wrong

Stock photos give me life. Look at these fucking assholes. See that chick on the far right? You know she be thinkin' about the D. I love them. So much so, I'll spend entirely too much time surfing google images to find painfully bad ones that are available for PURCHASE and on super-serious websites. Usually, the… Continue reading Stock Photos: You’re Doing It Wrong

Crash Course: Choosing Your Education

Tidbits of advice from a seasoned, post-secondary fuck up. 1. There is great value in taking a year off. Go to Australia, travel around Mexico in a winnebago, wait tables for a year for shit money and even shittier customers - it may help you to appreciate your education more when/if you do decide to… Continue reading Crash Course: Choosing Your Education

Worst People Wednesday: Trump and His Trumpettes

Ladies and gentlemen. We have found ourselves at a unique and unprecedented time in our collective human history. Our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will look back at this monumental time and wonder  ... why the FUCK we let a racist, misogynistic, spray-tanned orangutan run for President of The United States. I'm not sure when American politics turned… Continue reading Worst People Wednesday: Trump and His Trumpettes