Pregnancy is just. The worst.

Y'all - long time no talk. The prodigal child hath returned. (That's me, not you. I'm the prodigal child) I've been busy getting married (yay me) and immediately getting myself knocked up. Becoming impregnated has been a fun adventure in everything that's harrowing about the world - like constipation, vomiting and anger. 1.5/10 would not… Continue reading Pregnancy is just. The worst.


Dear Diet: I’m Over You.

I told Twitter that I binge ate 15 cookies today, and they totally didn't judge me. Which is crazy because I judged me, so why not them? I've found myself sneaking around as of late, hoarding cookies and other sugar-based goods like it's communist Russia and I'm on food rations. I've never experienced cravings for… Continue reading Dear Diet: I’m Over You.

Just Because You’re a Liberal Doesn’t Mean You’re Tolerant

I was raised liberal. In a sea of extended family members that touted conservatism and gun ownership, my mother and I remained the black sheep of our family - an anomaly. For most of my life I had some pretty standard liberal views, obviously climate change is a thing, pro-choice, pro-affirmative action, anti-dogmatic religion, pro-renewable… Continue reading Just Because You’re a Liberal Doesn’t Mean You’re Tolerant